The name Loki was originally coined as a word play on our mission to kick start a series of local ‘Low Key’ events.
Loki is also the mythological Norse God of mischief and madness, which works well with our quirky and madcap ideas.
Did we mention we love Vikings?…..

Loki is Martin Godfrey, David Pickup and Stewart Docherty, assisted by a first class community of marshals, volunteers, friends and family.

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Loki is a Thetford based outfit that organises local fun runs featuring elements of OCR and trail running.

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Quite simply, a funstacle is an obstacle with added fun.


Loki encourages all abilities and fitness levels to take part in it’s events. Generally speaking, if you can complete your local 5k Parkrun, you’ll be fine.


Loki suggest you wear trail shoes (no spikes or studs) and a technical t-shirt (not cotton).  Compression and base layers come recommended, and buffs and gloves are always worth considering.  Be mindful that you may get very wet and muddy and always dress according to the weather.

We also highly recommend you bring a towel, a spare set of clothes and shoes, and a black bin bag and wet wipes for after the race.

Most definitely! Indeed, we will often have a prize for the best fancy dress costume!


It never hurts to bring your confirmation email with reference number.  However, if you bring yourself, your name and some ID, we’ll find you on our system and get you registered.

Age limit is on an event by event basis.

Some events will be family orientated and open to all.  Others will have specific age restrictions.

Age restrictions can be found within the event information.

A reminder that under 18’s require permission from their parents or guardians.

Yes.  On the day of the event, you will be given a race waiver to read and sign.  Please take your time to read this and sign.

On handing your waiver in, you will be given your bib and any other event specific accessories.

Loki takes any and all requests for refund or deferral on a case by case basis and tries to accomodate such requests to a mutually agreeable outcome where possible.

Fear not! In some cases confirmation emails may be deemed spam by your email provider.  We suggest checking your spam folder.

On the rare occasion that you don’t receive an email, drop us a line via email or Facebook and we’ll confirm your entry.

On the Day

Yes.  Loki will not charge you to park your car! We believe, the cost of the event should not come with extra costs, hidden or otherwise.

That said, car spaces at the event venue are limited and we would ask local entrants to walk to our events where possible.

Vikings were renowned  for their ability to boat share, therefore we view car sharing as the modern equivalent and encourage you to follow suit.

Thetford has a variety of free carparks within walking distance of our events.

Yes.  Please do! And send us a link to your videos.

Our events have first aid cover and are fully marshalled.  Should you feel ill or suffer an injury, seek out the nearest first aider or marshal who will offer assistance.

If you register and find yourself unable to start, or begin the race and find yourself unable to finish, please inform a marshal so we don’t send out a search party needlessly.

Entry spaces are limited.  In the event we have spaces available these can be purchased on the day, but we strongly recommend you book before to save disappointment.

We advise getting to the event at least an hour before the race start time.

All entrants receive a finishers medal (and goody bag where stated).  We love medals, and we know you do too……

We at Loki understand that running with the Gods can be hard work.

Rest assured you will have the opportunity to trade coinage for a dirty burger (or two) from our on site burger van.

Although Vikings raided and pillaged, we would rather our visiting Vikings were honourable and traded fairly with the local stall holders located in the Loki village.  Where disputes arise, settlement by axe or thumb war is not uncommon, but we recommend bringing money to keep everyone happy.

We remind runners and spectators that smoking within the school perimeter is prohibited.


No. Not if you value your arms.

Please use the litter bins provided or take rubbish home.

The Course

No! We don’t find them fun, and we’re pretty certain you wouldn’t either.

Did the Vikings have electricity? Enough said…..

There are currently no funstacles of any significant height.  There may be a few items to climb onto or over, but nothing that would be described as being high.

Remember, anything and everything can be skipped.

Loki Funstacle events are not timed. The objective is to complete the course and have the maximum amount of fun doing so.

No, all obstacles (or funstacles as we like to call them) are optional. Whilst we encourage everyone to give everything a go, ultimately we want you to have fun. If you are unable to complete an obstacle, or don’t fancy it, feel free to skip it.

Our marshals may suggest a penalty. However, this is your challenge, your race and ultimately your fun. We appreciate there may be a variety of reasons why you may wish to skip a funstacle, and any resulting penalty. As such, all funstacles and penalties are optional. We would of course encourage everyone to give everything a go, but we leave the final decision to you.

No, there are no swim sections and any water encountered is below knee level.